Forecast for Valparaiso, IN September 21st-26th

Heat, heat, and more heat is the main story this weekend, as temperatures will remain in the upper 80s to low 90s through early next week.

Thursday and Friday are going to be the hottest days, with high temperatures predicted to peak at around 93 on both days. With partly cloudy conditions giving way to sunny skies, it almost appears that summer is trying to make a comeback.

This weekend will also be extremely warm, with highs of around 90 on both days. These temperatures, coupled with sunny skies and hardly any chance of rain, should make for an amazing weekend. It is good to note that, along the lakeshore, waves should remain small to nonexistent, which should make for some spectacular beach days this weekend.


Photo Credit: Katie Nickolaou

As we go back into the school week we will still see temperatures in the upper 80s with very little chance of rain. A few clouds could pop up here or there, but for the most part this pattern of hot and sunny conditions will continue into the beginning of the week.

Be sure to enjoy these temperatures while you can, because midway through next week we should see a return to much more seasonal weather conditions.

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