Dining Services Shortage

If you think you’ve had less options at Founders, you’re not imagining things. Stations at Founders have different hours due to a recent shortage of dining services staff.

We sat down with McKayla Deleon to hear about the impact this has on students.

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3 Comments on Dining Services Shortage

  1. Wendy Hubbert // September 21, 2018 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    So disappointing that we are spending so much money and my freshman does not want to eat. Little selection and not very good

  2. It’s not fair to our students to have diminished service and variety of dining options. It’s costing the parents a great deal of money for the meal plan. We were “fooled” at FOCUS as now things have significantly changed. My daughter has three plus years here yet. Please give our kids the quality food options and service they deserve!!

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