VU MBB Players Arrested

4 Confirmed students (including 2 Men’s Basketball players) arrested and booked in the Porter County Jail on Drug Charges.

UPDATE 4/22/19, 8:47 PM: Mileek McMillan currently faces a two-game suspension for his first violation of the Code of Conduct. Micah Bradford issuspended indefinitely from the men’s basketball program for his second violation of the Code of Conduct. A copy of the statement can be found here.

UPDATE 4/22/19, 5:00 PM: VUTV has obtained a copy of the police report from the Valparaiso Police Department. That copy is in the bottom of the article. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

4 confirmed students (including 2 Men’s Basketball players) arrested and booked in the Porter County Jail on Drug Charges.

Four confirmed students student were arrested by the Valparaiso Police Department and booked into the Porter County Jail, Sunday morning on Class B Misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana.

The students involved in this matter include Micah Bradford, a Junior on the Men’s Basketball team, and Mileek McMillan, a Sophomore on the Men’s Basketball team. The other students are Nailah Bush and Isaac Roseborough. Darius Hamb is from Chicago, Ill. and has been confirmed as not a student at Valparaiso University.

While on patrol, Valparaiso Police Department Officer John Nuppnau was traveling Northbound on College Ave. approaching the intersection of Brown Street with his patrol vehicle windows down and smelled the odor of burnt marijuana in the air. Officer Nuppnau parked his patrol vehicle and exited to further investigate. He advised dispatch of the findings and Officer Teufel advised that he had received multiple complaints of marijuana use at 353 South College Avenue from a resident who resides there. Ahe resident stated that the marijuana use was taking place on the backside of the residence in the storage units.

Officer Nuppnau walked to the rear of 353 South College Avenue where he heard loud music and multiple people talking in the storage unit marked #2. He put is nose to the seam of the door to the unit and could detect the overwhelming odor of burnt marijuana.

Officer Nuppnau waited for back up from Sgt. Allison, Officer Kobitka and Officer Kopil. They were walking up to make contact with the people inside the storage unit when Nailah Bush stepped outside the unit.

All subjects were taken into custody without further incident.

Isaac Roseborough has also been charged with a Level 6 Felony of Identity Deception and a B Misdemeanor of False Informing for reportedly giving officers his brother’s name and date of birth.

Officer’s did not learn of Isaac’s true identity until his parents came to bail him out of the Porter County Jail. Isaac’s father Dwayne Roseborough positively identified him as Isaac. Isaac then told Porter County Jail staff that he had provided Valparaiso Police with his brother’s name and date of birth.

VUTV obtained copies of the police report seen below, posted following our 5pm newscast.

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