VUTV Mission Statement

VUTV’s continuing mission is to illuminate and educate the Valparaiso University campus as well as showcase entertaining content all in an effort to help contribute to a community dedicated to producing informed and intelligent global citizens.

VUTV is committed to:

  • Illuminating: Providing the campus-wide community with fair and accurate international, national, and local reports to recognize and define issues that challenge people in the everyday world. VUTV works to ensure that campus stories celebrate the accomplishments of the university and, when necessary, hold all corners of Valpo accountable for its decisions and subsequent actions.
  • Educating: Offering opportunities to students of all majors to gain skills and knowledge that will prepare them for successful careers in digital media and broadcast journalism.
  • Showcasing: Presenting diverse, entertaining, and relevant content through both movies & original content.

VUTV strives to produce quality content that our community can be proud of.

Our motto is: Your Campus. Your Story.

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