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MLK Day 2018 at Valparaiso University

For more than 25 years, Valparaiso University and the surrounding community have gathered on campus to celebrate the life of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

On the MLK day website, there is a statement on why the university takes off MLK Day, saying: “Instead of taking the day off and contemplating in isolation our call, we choose to gather as a community to collectively reflect on the legacy of Rev. King and the work still left for us to do.”  With a wide array of focus sessions, coupled with the convocation, attendees were immersed in Valparaiso University’s celebration of Rev. King’s life and work.

This year’s theme, Why We Can’t Wait, was a talking point for both the convocation and the focus sessions. During the convocation, keynote speaker Nikole Hannah-Jones spoke about this year’s theme, among other topics. Nikole Hannah-Jones was named a 2017 MacArthur Fellow (one of 24, globally) for her writing on modern day civil rights for The New York Times Magazine. Her works include articles on segregated housing and schools, the black experience in America, and exposing how racial inequality is maintained through official policy.

Below, you can view the convocation, as well as all of the focus sessions, by clicking on the links:

MLK Day Convocation

Focus Session: Environment

Focus Session: Violence

Focus Session: Race

Focus Session: Labor

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